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Reflictive essay ( protine shake vending machine)

Identify no more than three areas that you found the most challenging in finalising the idea and creating a pitch for investors. Your reflection should include: • The nature of the challenge(s) you or your team faced. • How you/your team (positively) addressed the challenge. • The impact this had on your business idea and business prospects • How you would approach each stage differently in the future.( canvas method ) • Reflections on that learning (this is the most important element of your submission) 3000 words-net • Sections weighted • 1 – 500 words • 1 – 500 words • 1 – 500 words • 1 – 500 words • 2 – 1000 words Marking Scheme: Justification of challenges, critical understanding of impacts; clarity and depth of argument, clear and actionable reflection for (personal) improvements. make sure you mention the following – the canvas method and how we used it in solving problems – we had a problem with time management it took us one week to finish the task – clarity of information – lack of resources


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