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Ergonomic Observation of a Workplace or Workstation: Identifying Factors

Select a workplace or workstation and write a paper that uses the comprehensive definition developed in Module 1 along with outside reputable sources and the textbook chapter readings for Module 2 to write your paper for this module. “My definition of Economics was to design the workplace and the environment around the worker.” Your paper should include the following sections within the body of your text: Ergonomics Definitions: List your three different definitions of ergonomics found during your literature review. Combined/Comprehensive Definition: List your combined comprehensive definition. Justification for your Definition: Explain your combined comprehensive definition. Workplace/Workstation Assessment: Perform a high-level assessment of some workplace or workstation. This can be from your home computer work area/workstation, or from an employer. If you decide to do a workplace assessment from an employer, please make sure you obtain permission from your employer first. Describe the workplace or workstation, outline good and flawed designs. Where would you make improvements? Assignment Requirements: All short papers and video summaries are to be written in APA format, 2 – 4 pages in length, contain a reference section with reputable references, and must address the topic or assignment comprehensively. You should have a minimum of five references (three from Module 1 where you conducted a literature review to find your definitions of ergonomics, and two new references for your ergonomic assessment of a workplace or work station). Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity description. Do not add punctuation or special characters. Your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin when you submit your assignment in this activity. Turnitin is a service that checks your work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a database of web pages, student papers, and articles from academic books and publications. Ensure that your work is entirely your own and that you have not plagiarized any material! Module 1 videos on Ergonomics Human Factors Basics – FAA video – (YouTube: 06:23) Reducing Ergonomics Risks at the Workplace – (YouTube: 06:05) Introduction of Ergonomics – (YouTube: 03:28)


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