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For the rhetorical criticism paper, your objective is to apply what you have learned about analyzing your rhetorical artifact into a formal academic paper. The requirement is a 10-page double spaced paper in APA format. The suggested outline for your paper is below. This is the critical assignment for this course. 1. Introduction (1-2 pages). Your reader for this paper is a general academic audience. Therefore, you cannot assume that your reader already knows about your project or even this class. Everything the reader needs to understand your paper must be established in the introduction. In order to do so, include the following key parts to your introduction: – Announce the purpose of the paper and provide any necessary background. – Describe your artifact clearly (including its genre and medium) and explain its significance for communication studies. – Introduce the rhetorical theory that you will use and how you will apply it to analyze the rhetoric of your artifact. – End your introduction with your thesis and outline. The thesis should state precisely your argument for the paper and the outline should present the sections of your paper. What are you trying to persuade your reader of? And how will your argument unfold throughout the rest of the paper? 2. Description of method/theory (2-3 pages). The purpose of this section of the paper is to summarize your rhetorical theory to your reader. Do not assume that your readers will know about the theory already. Your summary must be clear and accurate enough to inform them about your theory. You must use quotations to support your summary. It is your job to earn your readers’ trust by proving that your summary is correct. – Begin by stating directly the purpose of this section and how it contributes to the overall purpose of your paper. – Introduce your theory and provide any relevant background. Exclude unnecessary information about theorist’s personal life that is irrelevant to your thesis. – Provide an overview summary that defines the main ideas of the theory, as well as its significance for communication studies. – Choose a few key ideas from the theory that you will apply in the next section of your paper, and provide a careful analysis of those ideas. 3. Analysis of artifact by applying method/theory to support thesis (4-6 pages). The purpose of this section is to analyze the rhetorical situation of your artifact by applying your theory. This is the main section of your paper where you will demonstrate what you learned about rhetorical analysis and applying theory to your artifact. Do not assume your readers will agree with your interpretation and analysis. Your job is to use evidence from your artifact to make a persuasive argument. You must analyze specific examples from your artifact to support your argument. If you need to use images, be sure to include proper details such as captions and numbering system. – Begin by stating directly the purpose of this section and how it contributes to the overall purpose of your paper. – Remind your readers of your artifact and its rhetorical significance. Include any necessary background or context your readers might need. – Analyze the rhetorical situation of your artifact: who is persuading whom of what and how are ethos, logos, and pathos used? – Apply key ideas from rhetorical theory that you examined in section 2 to your artifact. How does the theory help reveal something significant about the rhetoric of your artifact? How does the theory support your thesis for this paper? 4. List of references in APA format.


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