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A very important part of any research is the literature review, which is intended to critically analyze a published body of knowledge (prior research studies, professional articles, and theoretical publications) relevant to the project topic and research questions. Researchers perform literature reviews to let them see what came before, and what did and didn’t work for other researchers. Reviews demonstrate researchers understanding, and ability to critically evaluate research in the field. They are also valuable in providing evidence that may be used to support research findings. For this research report you should have a minimum of 10 sources identified in the paper narrative with proper APA formatting, and in your APA formatted reference page at the end of your report. In order to get the maximum points for your literature review, you should have: The outstanding inclusion of major theories, research, and/or themes that support the significance of the research. Literature that is comprehensively related and linked to the study; research questions are restated. A literature review that is APA formatted, extremely well organized, demonstrates logical sequencing and structure; organized by theme headings that provide a coherent basis for the study Sources that exceed the minimum number of sources (10) and specifications; the majority of sources are research-based, peer-reviewed, and/or empirical research. Students, Remember that the course requires you to conduct a brief research project focused on the exploration, implementation, and evaluation of a digital resource or technology tool for learning in the classroom. You should select a research topic that explores, implements, and evaluates a digital resource or technology tool that you use, or may use, in a classroom, or educational setting Your reading has shown you that the first step is to determine an issue or process in your classroom or setting that you would like to correct or improve. It does not have to be earth-shattering – it’s a one-week study. Next, determine a digital resource or technology tool that you feel might correct the issue or improve the process. The course resources will guide you as you write a research question and prepare to conduct your research. Remember that the course builds on itself so be patient. Don’t make more out of your research project than needed, the research itself is done in only one week. Continue to read and view all the resources as the course builds on itself.


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