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 INSTRUCTIONS!! Read the following essay in The Little Norton Reader and write a summary and analysis of it. • “Consider the Lobster” (page 348 Summary and Analysis After reading each essay assigned as homework from the Little Norton Reader, write a two-paragraph response – one summary and one analysis. Each reading response should be a minimum of 200 words (approximately 1 full hand-written page or ½ of a typed 12-point-font page). Summary The summary paragraph for each essay should answer all four of these questions: 1) Who wrote the essay? Who was the essay about? 2) What is the title of the essay? What was the essay about? 3) When did the action/events of the essay take place? 4) Where did the action/events of the essay take place? A summary should always be objective and unbiased. In other words, do not interject your opinions about what you have read, just state the facts as they were presented. Analysis The analysis paragraph for each essay should answer a combination of these questions: 1) What was the author’s purpose in writing the essay? The purpose of an essay is either to persuade, inform, or entertain the audience (remember the acronym PIE). What evidence can you cite to prove what the author’s purpose was? Use one or more quotations from the essay to prove it. 2) Who was the author’s target audience? Be specific and explain how you came to the conclusion that you have. 3) Did the author convey his or her message effectively – why or why not? 4) Should the author have written or organized the essay differently to be more effective? 5) Did the author succeed in persuading, informing, or entertaining you – how/why? If the answer is no, how did the author fail and what could have been done better? 6) Synthesis—what connections do you make between this essay and your previous knowledge and/or experience? How can this synthesis help make sense of the essay? It is not necessary to answer each of the analysis questions. Some questions might be more appropriate when analyzing certain essays than others, or you might have more to say in regard to some questions.


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