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 Video links: https://youtu.be/Pqik0WDMDco , https://youtu.be/ro_HZC5oYqc , https://youtu.be/IVas2Ax5UG0 Prompt: What were the causes of the Crimean War and how did the outcome change the previously established global powers? Instructions: Watch the film(s) provided above and read ‘Current Trends in World History; Stimulants, Sociability, and Coffeehouses’ in Worlds Together, Worlds Apart on page 454. Then answer all parts of the prompt using the required source(s) as the basis for your argument. Include a well-developed question regarding the subject matter for the other students at the end of your post. Then respond to two other student’ questions/posts. The use of plenty of details and examples from the source(s) to support your original commentary in all your posts Completion of (1) response to the prompt and (2) responses to other student’s posts. An original and well thought out question for the other students. Clarity, grammar, and spelling.


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