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 Essay #2 is a 4 – 6 page essay focusing on Moore’s use of archetypes in V for Vendetta. As we will see in the resources posted in this module, there are a great number and variety of archetypes that appear both in literature and in our society. Your task in this essay is to amplify Moore’s use of archetypal concepts in connection with the characters in V for Vendetta, using these ideas to offer a critique of society. Your first task is to think about the way that society is represented in this text. This critique will be the basis for your thesis, which you will then expand upon, based on considering how the use of archetypes in this text relates to your critique of the society. How does Alan Moore make his ideas more explicit by including these archetypal images in his story? How do they help us to better connect to or understand what’s occurring in the text? Using the resources provided in class as well as other academic sources, you will discuss how the archetype(s) is(are) employed in the text. What do we learn about ourselves through an exploration of archetypes, particularly whatever you choose for your discussion about V for Vendetta? You should refer to specific passages from the text to develop your ideas. [You should cite V by indicating page number, row number and frame number: (50, 2, 3)]. You may also want to make reference to additional outside sources (there are a number of good internet sources, several of which are given in the module) properly documented with MLA citations. Possible archetypal approaches in the text include: V as Trickster/Hero/Martyr/Magician/Rebel/Teacher(or Mentor)/Shape-shifter/Villain/Shadow Evey as Victim/Child/Disciple/Coward/Prostitute/Hero Finch/Dominic as Detective(Sleuth)/Shadow/Hero Any of the above archetypes typified in secondary characters The Hero’s journey (applied to V or Evey) The journey of Rebirth; the Savior motif (for this one you’ll need to go into much greater depth than we go in class) Focus on some specific archetypal imagery that works on mood or tone that contributes to your critique of the society Based on your readings, do you see other archetypes emerge that aren’t included in any of the above lists? How do you see them used in the text? What representations do they have? Remember that regardless of what archetypal discussion you engage in, your primary task is to utilize that discussion to support your critique of the society. You may, if you choose, expand outside of simply discussing the society we see in V and offer up some ideas relevant to our own society. You will be graded on: how well you express your thought in your thesis; how well you support the thesis through specific discussion of the text; how clearly you connect your evidence to your ideas; utilization of outside sources to add credibility to your discussion; proper documentation; structure of the essay, including organization, transitions, coherent paragraphs and unity; good, strong use of language


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