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The course textbook is Required Textbook: Gareth R. Jones & Jennifer M. George, Contemporary Management McGraw-Hill, Edition: 10th; ISBN: 978-1-260-15286-9 Please answer the following questions: Chapter 1 List and briefly discuss the four principal managerial tasks. Distinguish between effectiveness and efficiency and briefly explain how they impact the performance of an organization. List the three steps in the planning process. List and briefly explain the basic responsibilities of each of the three levels of management. List and briefly explain the three different kinds of managerial skills. What is core competency? How is it related to competitive advantage. Complete this sentence, “Restructuring involves_______________.” Give one positive AND one negative example of the effects of restructuring. List the four building blocks of competitive advantage? Chapter 2 Explain why scientific management has, in some cases, caused dissatisfaction in workers. List the four principles of scientific management as described by Frederick W. Taylor. Define administrative management and then list and briefly discuss the principles developed by Max Weber. List and briefly discuss each of Fayol’s principles of management. What are the disadvantages of centralization of authority? Define management science theory and list the four different branches of management science. Differentiate between an open and a closed system. List and briefly describe the different stages of an open system.


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