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 Part A (AC 3.1, 3.2) (700 words) ________________________________________ Choose ONE of the following areas and obtain data from your organisation or one with which you are familiar: The organization will be department of transport in Abu Dhabi . • The turnover of staff over the last 3 years broken down into departments, job families and occupational groups, reasons for leaving and peaks and troughs through each year – OR • The levels of absence over 3 years broken down into occupational groups, reasons for absence and the absence rates for each key part of the organisation (e.g. administration production, sales, shop floor workers) – OR • The outcomes from a recent staff survey indicating the level of job satisfaction and motivation for different occupational groups or departments, the main areas for dissatisfaction. You may wish to speak to key personnel in your organisation to obtain their views on the recommendations from your research and analysis. This data must be based on one, specific organisation. You then need to do the following: ________________________________________ 1. Provide an introduction to the HR area being investigated. Present the data in 3 different visual formats (chart, graph, etc), with appropriate headings, that will help to inform decision making on the topic you have chosen. (AC3.2) (approx 200 words) 2. Analyse and interpret the data, in a narrative that explains your images, and draws conclusions. (AC3.1) In doing so please include the following; a) Provide an introduction to the HR area being investigated. Present the data in 3 different visual formats (chart, graph etc) with appropriate headings. For each image, analyse and interpret the data (i.e. explain what it mean, in quantitative and/or qualitative terms) (A.C 3.1) (approx 250 words) b) From the data you have provided, draw conclusions that will enable decision making (A.C 3.1) (approx 250 words) 3. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Write a short description of the learning process you went through in order to write this assignment: what you knew about these areas and data before you attended module 2; what you learnt during the module; and what you learnt in preparing the assignment.You should also include 3-5 references from up-to-date and relevant sources in order to support your findings. Please ensure that all reference sources are acknowledged correctly within the text and on a reference list provided.


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