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For this assignment you will need to browse the internet for the case of Icebreaker https://www.icebreaker.com/en-au/our-story/our-story.html Students must not contact the organisation directly. The case must be based on material available in the public domain. Tasks: 1. Describe the background of the company and identify key principles of sustainable marketing principles of ‘Icebreaker’. 2. Analyse of the case and synthesis with the theory: Consider the product, promotion, distribution and pricing strategy of this organisation in relation to sustainable marketing interests. 3. Explain whether this strategy is successful or could be improved by following other principles. 4. Analysis of the situation: Provide a marketing positioning analysis of the organisation against its competitors. Submitting the Assignment This is an individual report. You should submit using the Moodle submission link for this assignment. Remember that, the report should demonstrate your ability to present a well written and well-structured report be approximately 1,500 words (maximum 1,750 words) use Calibri 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing use Harvard referencing, 15 references are expected. Please use at least 75% of academic references.


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