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Write an exposition on the health of freedom in American society today. Do not forget to include economic freedom. Explain the major threats to freedom. Propose solutions.  This paper requires at least 6 sources. You must use at least 4 of the following 8 sources (reading selections in the course): Sharansky Winthrop Plato Rousseau Declaration of Independence S. Constitution Evans D’Souza You must also cite at least one lesson from the course and one outside source. That is a requirement of a minimum of 6 sources. How long should it be? It will be very difficult to accomplish all the requirements short of 1,750 words. Aim for about 2,000 words. Title and reference pages do not contribute to the total word count. This paper is worth 200 points. To earn the most points: Include all the required sources. Address the health of freedom (and economic freedom) in American society today. Explain major threats to freedom. Propose real life solutions (do not parrot the professor/lesson). Use the grading rubric to guide your work. Follow APA format – an example paper is available is available under Week 8. (No abstract is necessary.) Cite all sources in APA format. Avoid contractions and use of “you”. Avoid plagiarism.


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