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Four page paper, APA format, on your interviews with “locals” about healthcare in Italy and patient access and disparities. Local interview 1 with Federica at Sorrento train station. She expressed that healthcare is accessible and the doctor and nurses treat her well. But she feels the money is not allocated in the right areas. She feels more money goes to northern Italy so things are of better quality and access is much easier and the best doctors are in that area. Family doctors also known as GPs(general practitioner) perform home visits which she is satisfied with being visited at home. Local interview 2 with owners of A. espositos sportswear in sorrento husband and wife natives of Italy. The wife alesandra felt the healthcare was not free because she paid taxes while her husband Esposito would consider it free healthcare. They feel the system was corrupt on the higher levels and monies are not allocated for the most common necessitates. They expressed their appreciation for dedicated care for those that have or are being treated for cancer. They also stated that northern Italy has more doctors and better healthcare overall.


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