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You are required to design an effective and viable research topic/question for this final assessment. Make productive use of the materials and topics from the course as a whole, to creatively reflect upon and analyse SPECIFIC examples/elements of contemporary media power. You will have the opportunity to seek feedback/workshop your topic/question in the tutorials before submission. To come up with an original research question it’s recommended that you stay up-to-date with contemporary media issues, and actively consider connections between course content and topical iterations of media power. Keep regular notes on weekly subject material, and use this research essay as an opportunity to show conceptual links across different weeks in our subject. Critical engagement with the course is best approached by seeking theoretical connections that illuminate real-world examples. You should have an initial sense of your essay question by the end of Week Six, and your tutor will discuss this with you over the weeks leading up to submission. Assessment Criteria: • Writing and presentation: clarity and coherence of expression, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, layout • Conceptual understanding: ability to show a strong understanding of key issues, concepts, arguments across the course • Critical reflection: an ability to coherently develop and articulate your own opinions and scholarly reflections • Research depth: effective engagement with a sufficient range of scholarly research material and resources, to support your opinions and critical perspective • Referencing: adherence to proper referencing conventions


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