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 The Pitch Report gives you the opportunity as an individual to expand upon the information provided in your pitch, and to provide an extended rationale that justifies the logic of your creative work. It should comprise the following: – A description of your project (200-300 words, this can be the same across all individual submissions from the group); – An account of the social, political or cultural contexts identified within the given field/topic to which the work responds. These may be ‘problems’ that need to be solved, ‘crises’ that need to be addressed, situations that need to be celebrated or made more visible, etc (300-400 words, written individually and using references where required); – An account of what your creative work aims to achieve, explaining how you see your work exposing or responding to (‘showing doing’) the performative dimensions of the cultural field in which it is situated. Here you might be mindful of the ways that performance can illuminate many things but it can’t do everything! (300-400 words written individually, providing references to other similar performance works you have identified in this course or in your own research). – #Non-assessed – Personal and group process reflection: This is space for you to provide an account of your group working process and a summary of your and your team members contributions to it and reflections upon it. Where there appear to be strong variations in contributions to the group work, a team member’s grade will be adjusted higher or lower than the group mark. The reflection section is neither mandatory, nor marked, but provides a helpful guide for your markers. If it suggests that a student’s individual contribution is more than five marks above or below the overall group mark, and the Convenors agree that this is an accurate assessment, then the group mark WILL NOT be awarded to that student. Instead, an average of the student’s individual mark and the group mark will be entered. This adjustment is intended to take account of instances where an individual’s contribution to the group’s work is clearly well above or well below the level at which the group was working as a whole. Assessment criteria for The Pitch Report (15% individual mark) i) Critical positioning: A clear and informed account of the social, cultural or aesthetic contexts in which your performance work takes place and to which your performance is responsive; (research and reading skills) ii) Innovation in approach: A rationale that shows how your work as a form of creative performance aims to engage with and respond to this context and that uses performance in innovative ways to respond to the specifics of your given provocation; (creativity and problem-solving skills) iii) Style: Writing that is presented clearly, that is edited effectively, that is researched and well-referenced and that is logically structured (communication skills)


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