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Discuss one of the following statements: Colonial Mexico was a good example of the “Black Legend” of Spanish colonialism. Colonial Mexico was a good example of the “White Legend” of Spanish colonialism. To answer the prompt, use the monograph that we’ve read (Taylor). In addition to answering the prompt, you should situate your arguments in relation to some of the themes that we have developed in the course readings, lectures, and discussions. Because this is a short paper, I strongly encourage you to narrow the topic further (i.e., to answer the question from the perspective of gender, local politics, race, economics, the predicament of indigenous people, labor, etc.) Outstanding papers will be careful to consider any obvious counterarguments to the positive arguments presented in the paper. Sources: Gibson, Charles. The Black Legend: Anti-Spanish Attitudes in the Old World and the New. New York: Knopf, 1971. Gibson, Charles. The Spanish Tradition in America. Columbia, S. C.: University of South Carolina Press, 1968. (Mandatory)Taylor, William B.. Drinking, homicide & rebellion in colonial Mexican villages. Stanford, Calif. :Stanford University Press, 1979.


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