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Review of the Literature (5-7 pages) (This is your section header centered on the page) Type your literature review here, double spaced, and cite in APA style throughout Brief history It is helpful to your readers to understand the context of your problem and the solutions that have been attempted to date. Is this a recent problem? An on-going one? What brought it to the attention of the public? Review You need to summarize what existing literature has to say about your problem and the existing solutions: What has been tried, what has worked, what has not worked, why. • First, share your theory base (theoretical perspective) with the readers so they understand how what you are presenting is influenced by that theory base. As you read articles on your topic look for what other authors have to say about a theoretical framework for understanding the problem and pointing to a direction for solutions. • Your literature review should flow from past to present. What where the earliest interventions or solutions? What are the most recent? Be sure to present all sides whether or not they agree with your hypothesis. Your research ill typically involve some gap in information (why research what we already know?). • Based on the research in literature, how did you arrive at your research question. Make your case for your research either answering a new question, getting a new answer to an old question, answering a question about a new population, etc. • Summarize the major points you found in the literature. • Finally, formulate (in the last sentence) your research question or your hypothesis. Remember that the Introduction discusses the problem. The review of literature should concentrate on solutions (those that exist, those that are still required


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