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 1) Respond to the following question (there is no word limit but you should write at least a decent paragraph): Before you do the readings, first watch the documentary, Edward Said on Orientalism [the youtube link is under the Module], where orientalism is defined as an ideological framework of an imagined geography that defines the East (the Orient) as inferior and backwards as opposed to the supposedly superior and civilized West (the Occident). After you watch the film, explain in your own words what orientalism is and what it does. Then, read Abu-Lughod’s article and discuss how Abu-Lughod criticizes the orientalist representations (e.g. media representations) of Muslim women in the US and how those representations have been manipulated to justify US imperialism (exploitative expansion of military, political, economic, and cultural power on the territories of other nations). Make sure you cite or paraphrase the article in your response (don’t forget to give page numbers). 2) write a discussion question. For your question, all you need to do is to find an orientalist image (e.g. cartoon, meme, ad, etc.) or a short text (e.g. news story).


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