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Each student will write a research paper connecting the concepts within the main text to acurrently relevant topic in Media and Society (THE MOVIE I CHOOSE IS WHEN THEY SEE US ON NETFLIX 2019, Please use this movie, i already turned it in as my topic). Students are responsible to determine their research topic. The paper provides you an opportunity to demonstrate your research skills as well as your ability to understand and integrate the concepts and approaches provided in the course. This paper is to be double-spaced, using a 12-point font, The textbook is a necessary citation within your paper, but you must also include a minimum of 5 additional academic sources are used to support your perspective. This means you will have a minimum of 6 references. These references MUST be included in your body of the paper as in-text citations.

The rubric for this assignment can be found on Canvas. RUBRIC : What is the connection to the field of public administration? Political and Cultural Environment What is the political environment of the issue demonstrated in the media case? What is the cultural environment being depicted? Where is power being given in the case? Government Connection and Organizational Behavior What is the government structure of the case? Does the government structure match that of the issue? Is the government even represented? Are there any intergovernmental relationships shown? What are the organizational dynamics of the case? How does the issue impact those dynamics? Are there issues of organizational motivation or question of its future impact? What does the example tell you about leadership styles? What is shown about ethical conflicts or the actual ethical values? Are there issues with accountability? Is there a connection to issues of social equity? If so, what are they? How does the media case impact your understanding of the societal issue and the connection to social equity? What are your thoughts about the connections made? What are your insights about public administration within the case? Can you think of potential solutions or barriers to the societal issue presented?


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