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 In this unit we have read a variety of texts and discussed major issues that impact our society, including the wealth gap and two-tiered justice system, the prison industry and mass incarceration, child and slave labor, and racism and inequality—past and present. In “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” by Ursula K. LeGuin we read about a so-called perfect utopia that relies on the misery of a child for its happiness and related that to our world today. We also read the masterpiece “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in which he argues against segregation and makes a powerful case for social justice and why it affects all of us. In this essay, you will discuss some of these issues and apply ideas from King and LeGuin as you contemplate the questions: Is it acceptable to destroy or sacrifice people or things in order for some to have comfort and happiness? And, if we witness injustice, do we have an obligation to fight against it? If so, what should people be willing to risk?


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