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An analytical research essay of 1,500 words addressing the specific area of research you have selected as the basis of your semester’s work. The report must include a minimum of three references/sources. All references must be cited in APA style. References must be from published government, university, or “think tank,” studies, journals, and/or reports. The college library’s electronic databases should be used to identify the information you require. No “online only” reference material such as blogs or Wikipedia is permitted. Note that Internet sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Ask, etc. are not acceptable references. ESSAY FORMAT: The Essay must be properly formatted following APA guidelines and must include an Introduction, a Body, and a Summary. All quoted material must be credited to the author. All references must be properly credited in APA format on the reference page. Plagiarized material is unacceptable. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be correct. Outline: Introduction (30 percent) The introduction identifies the issue you have chosen to research. This will include: a. The issue to be analyzed; b. The historical significance of the issue; c. Relevant law associated with the issue; and d. The impact of the issue on government operations, affected citizens, and society. Body (40 percent) The body of the paper develops a critical analysis of the issue. This will: a. Identify contrasting/opposing opinions on the issue as stated by government/agency managers, jurists (judges, lawyers, legal scholars), and representatives of the public (politicians, editorials, etc.); b. Analysis of each opinion. Explain the legal, moral, ethical standards supporting each side of the argument. Use statistical data from published sources as appropriate. All conclusions must be based on research; personal opinion is not appropriate. Summary (30 percent) The summary should be a brief reference of all that you have written about the topic as well as restating your argument from the introduction. Your conclusions must be based on the evaluation of the research you have undertaken. It is not a place to introduce new information


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