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Write an Evaluation Plan based on information from the Department of Labor. (Please use the template provided) I have chosen to evaluate the training and workforce development programs sponsored by the United States Department of Labor. The Office of Employment and Training Administration works with and provides grants to state and local workforce development systems in order to foster skill development. Please cite your sources. Department of Labor: The Department of Labor’s (DOL) mission is to promote and develop the welfare of the job seekers and retirees of the United States. In doing so the Department of Labor has programs that are grant funded to enhance the workforce through workforce development programs such as the Employment and Training Administration (ETA). ETA has apprenticeship, Indian and Native American programs, National Dislocated Worker grants, and the National Farmworker Jobs program to name a few; that assist in workforce development for individuals looking to advance their skills and knowledge to a particular career field through community services and training


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