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Chapter 5 -Findings and Discussions explaining whether the results lead to confirmation or rejection of hypothesis of the study. Discussions of the results should follow findings which should be interpreted . Results should be compared and contrasted with those of past studies which were reviewed in literature section. Need to demonstrates consistency and or contradictions with those of previous studies. At the end discuss limitations and delimitation Chapter 6- Summary and conclusion, summary should include summary of findings based on objectives of the study and results of hypotheses tested. linking the study findings to the literature. Include a table showing study objectives, corresponding hypotheses significant findings for each and conclusion. Conclusion must be derived from summary and are drawn regarding whether the objectives have been achieved or not. Achievement or non achievement of each objective is to be supported by the findings already summarized based on results of each hypothesis. Chapter 7 Recommendations should be derived from conclusions. In this section findings that contribute to theory, policy and practice are declared and an explanation of how they contribute to each provided. Each recommendation should be comprehensive tangible and practical and have 4 sections; activities needed to achieve the recommendation, person responsible for the task, timelines for the implementation and strategies for monitoring and evaluation. Recommendations should be implementable as a forum will be created where they will be presented and ventilated by industry players, academicians and other interested parties. Lastly areas that require further research should be identified and described.


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