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2 Texts, are Paradise Lost by John Milton and The Aeneid by Virgil Translated by Robert Fitzgerald “Your assignment is to write a Research Paper that contains the following elements: Title Page, Outline, Abstract, Body, and Works Cited Page. It is to be constructed in MLA format. The above guidelines give examples of that format. ” Your task is to write a paper that deals with any theme that we have discussed throughout this course. It can cover one or both texts. You can also think larger than this course, meaning you can write an interdisciplinary paper. Interdisciplinary means that it relates to more than one branch of knowledge. If you have a specific theme or idea that can marry well with something that has been covered in this course then find a creative way to purposefully write about it. Remember that your paper has to have a thesis. What can you persuade or prove? This is not to be an explanatory research paper like a book report, but rather it needs to have a purpose.


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