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  How did the Catholic Church’s role in Europe change from the 9th through the 17th centuries? Consider its impact on political and social developments, the creation of new religious orders, internal and external divisions, and its response to these challenges. Guidelines: The essay should meet the following formatting guidelines: Times New Roman, 12 point font Double Spaced 1” margins The essay should be at least a standard 5 paragraph essay of 400-600. Citations You must use the assigned readings (textbook and primary sources) to support your argument. Failure to use both sets of sources will be severely penalized. Use in-text parenthetical citations for your sources, just like the discussion posts: i.e. (Spielvogel, 87) or (Edict of Milan). The following book is what needs to be used; Western Civilization: Volume I: To 1715 10th Edition Jackson J. Spielvogel


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