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Paper topic – Linux Operating System Security – (needs good topic title) Length – 7 pages of content without cover page and reference page. The number of words must be more than 2000. Plagiarism – never accept. The paper should be done with your own work. The safeassign software will match the contents of the paper with database, which shows how many percentages I copied from others. If it shows over 3~5 %, I will refund the paper. Format – APA only. This paper needs a table of contents Citation – It requires you to put in-text citation if you cite the sentence from somewhere Contents – The paper must talk about security issues on Linux and methods for hardening or securing a Linux OS server with detailed contents if needed. Also, the paper should start with strong introduction with effective hook sentence and finish with strong conclusion. @ Introduction should be strong and that should start with the hook sentence that is naturally connected to the main topic @ Conclusion should include the content that encompasses all ideas and recommendations on the topic The paper should include contents such as – The meaning and methods of System hardening for Linux – Specific steps to improve security of Linux – Security measures or recommendations for Linux (like on-going security measure)



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