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Apply: Childhood & Adolescent Brains While your assigned textbook readings will serve as one resource for this assignment, you will need to find at least two other resources to defend your statements. This assignment should be written in APA formatting style and should not use first person language. Be sure to use correctly formatted in-text citations and quotations to give the author credit for researched information. Assignment Overview Your assigned readings for this week illustrate the developmental changes in the brain from conception through the teenage years. You likely thought of your own friends or family members as you read physiological explanations for specific behavior and/or tendencies in both the male and female brain. Continue to make mental note of these applications to your own life as you read! Assignment Instructions In your written assignment for this week, compare and contrast the male and female brain in the behavior of children and teenagers. Be sure to include information on the significant influence of hormonal changes in the brain during the early years of development! After completing your comparison, include a section on the importance of knowing these similarities and differences when working with young clients in a clinical setting. Your assignment should include an introduction, body and conclusion with a reference page listing the resources you cited. Include at least one paragraph for each of the following sections: What specific age-appropriate behavior is accounted for by the presence of hormones? Compare the male brain and the female brain of children and adolescents, listing their similarities. Contrast the male brain and the female brain of children and adolescents, listing differences found between the two. Explain the importance of knowing these similarities / differences in clinical practice when working with younger clients. Should you have any questions regarding this assignment, direct them to your course facilitator. Format Requirements Document Type MS Word Paper Size 8.5 X 11″ Length 2-3 pages Margins 1″ Font Times or Times New Roman, 12 pt. Line Spacing Double. No extra double space between paragraphs please. In-text Citations & Reference List Style APA Paper Structure Introduction Body Conclusion References File Naming Convention LastNameFirstNameWeek2Apply Example: DoeJohnWeek2Apply Submission After preparing your assignment in Microsoft Word, you will submit it, as an attachment below. When you are ready, scroll down to access the +File attachment area. Upload the file first, then write something in the input box, such as “Please see attached.” Then, you will see the ORANGE save button appear. Click the button to submit your assignment. Questions? Questions about this assignment? Feel free to post them in the Ask Questions forum, which you can access by clicking the “Discussions” tab from top of the Course Outline.


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