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Reflect of leadership style


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Required Reading Leadership and the Advanced Practice Nurse: Chapters 1 & 2 (Attached) Quality and Safety in Nursing: Chapters 4 & 6, Graduate Competency KSAs in Appendix B (Attached) StrengthsFinder 2.0(Attached), Directions In this paper, reflect on your leadership style using your five strengths as identified by StrengthsFinder 2.0 (Attached), your experiences, and the literature on transformational leadership and other leadership styles. Compare your strengths with the characteristics of transformational leadership. Please note that although general APA format is required, you can use first-person (ā€œIā€) in this paper, since this is a personal paper. Scholarly reference no more than 5 years old. Use appropriate in text citation for increased credibility Criteria 1) Thorough description of your strengths 2) Reflection on your strengths, giving specific examples from your personal and/or professional lives 3) Use of literature in describing transformational leadership (no less than three references) 4) Comparison of your own strengths with transformational leadership. Also discuss in the context of complexity 5) Describe how your leadership style has/may evolve as you develop your role as an advanced practice nurse. Compare and contrast your leadership style with other leadership styles


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