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ERP implementation

This project will focus on simulating an actual organizational analysis for the main purpose of a possible ERP implementation. Step 1: You are the current Chief Information Officer from a big manufacturing company. You have been tasked to lead a team of technologist to develop the ERP project plan for the company. Step 2: After defining the team, you are tasked to answer these questions and embark on data gathering. Using APA standards and formatting, prepare a research paper outlining the answers to the above questions. Outline the business core competency – i.e. core product, services, industry position. Outline business impact both locally or globally. Breakdown business components What are the knowledge needed for each of the business component? What are some of the company’s business challenges and solutions implemented? You will need to provide at least two – three challenges and be able to provide solutions. What are some of the I.T. infrastructure components? Hardware – i.e. servers, multiple server location, backup Software – usage, strategy, project implementation i.e. ERP Database – usage, how, when, where Step 3: Include any design diagram that would illustrate the proposed ERP implementation. For example, illustrate the data integration between each of the major department in the organization.


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