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Art in the Hood assignment Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Taking into consideration all the material in the textbook, Especially focusing on architectural and large scale examples. Go out into the local community and find NEW uses for older features, not like 600bce vase and a vase at bed, bath and beyond, but the tallest building in Crete the tallest building in Houston. Not a modern day church to an earlier church, but perhaps a modern church to a communal hall. Must be: A public feature, that anyone can see. Not something in your home. Everyone must do a different work of art. Large scale submit your OWN photo Use the same object/image as in the Art in the Hood Discussion. What/how it relates to in ancient times, thoroughly relate it to a specific ancient work, and that work’s time and culture. Write about the history, prominent artists and time period, any and all information that helps to explain the work and its relation to earlier work. Also, include, if applicable, Title, Artist, Location, Materials. Include with your submission: at least 2000 words 1 hi-resolution full color image of the object -should be your own image, if taken at museum (get permission first) A “works cited” page of at least 1 citation (must be professional citations) 1 citation should be of the museum or location of the artwork Citations (mla, apa, chicago etc. style) Citations help – EASYBIB (Links to an external site.) Deductions


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