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INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the following questions in whatever way is most beneficial to you. Think of this as part guided reading and part study guide. Your answers can be in either paragraph/short answer format, or bullet points if that is more useful to you. Please make sure you are answering these questions from reading the course textbook. Simply Googling the questions and copying/pasting from Wikipedia will result in a zero. All of these questions can be answered in the textbook. Make sure you submit your work in the designated TurnItIn box by the above due date and time. Ch. 8 – Growing Pains: The New Republic, 1790-182

1. How did Hamilton attempt to address the financial problems of the country?

2. How did Hamilton hope to use a national bank to help develop credit? Who was his main opponent on this issue?

3. How did the 1790 Naturalization Act define citizenship?

4. What is the XYZ Affair and how did it cause problems in Adams’ presidency? 5. What did the court case of Marbury v. Madison establish in terms of judicial powers 6. What was the most significant impact of the War of 1812?


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