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The effect of climate change on the productivity and profitability of cod in the Barents Sea.
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Partly written masters thesis. I have written the introduction, literature review, the model and part of the data and parameters section but which still need to be updated if you think so. Requirement of about 45 pages, but 25 already written pages including outline to follow. There’s also data to be analyzed using surplus production model in excel. The climate change parameter used is temperature. Study focuses on cod stock in the Barents Sea the Norwegian share of the stock to be specific. Excel file with data is included which I can give more details if you don’t understand what formulas I used. Am comparing 2 scenarios one with climate change effect and one without. The temperature effect is measured through the carrying capacity parameter. I need to generate figures to include in my analysis. 1,5 spacing, 12 font size Times Roman. Am available to give more information in case you don’t understand anything.


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