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Los Angeles Port 

The Port Improvement Plan (PIP) Outline will consist of 3 pages. This paper must be in narrative form, and be descriptive enough that explains each element of your PIP. The use of graphics and charts is highly encouraged 1.Background information about the port: industry classification; markets, location, # of employees, products & services, suppliers, other pertinent information 2.What are the port’s strategic goals? 3.What are the strengths of the port? 4.What are the weaknesses of the port? 5.What metrics does the port utilize? 6.What improvement initiatives and innovations has it implemented? 7.What improvement initiatives and innovations should it consider? 8.What should be the next step be to improve the port? 9.Provide data from the case to support your conclusions as necessary. 10. Compare your supply chain to an exemplar, standard, benchmark, or best practice.


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