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Advertising and Marketing in a Contemporary Media Landscape 

Sinclair, John, 2012, ‘Advertising and the media in motion’ in Advertising, the Media and Globalisation: a World in Motion, London and New York: Routledge, pp.49-79 Zwick, Detlef, Samuel K. Bonsu, and Aron Darmody, 2008, ‘Putting Consumers to Work: “Co-creation” and new marketing governmentality,’ Journal of Consumer Culture 8(2), pp. 163-196 the above readings must be used in the presentation. you must use some images in order to have a good understanding you just need to write a short passage around 600 with IMAGES , no need to make a power point For each of these weeks, you will be asked to deliver a succinct, engaging, and clearing argued talk in 5-minutes, relating to a particular topic. The purpose of a pitch is to start a conversation, spark curiosity, and articulately outline questions and solutions. Pitching is an essential skill across many areas and industries, for anyone seeking to persuasively communicate an idea. Part of this assessment task is to learn and practice strategies and techniques to connect with your audience, effectively communicate key messages, and deliver your pitch with impact. Your pitch should contain: 1. a clear and brief statement about the significance of the topic; 2. a succinct summary of key issues, ideas, concepts, debates, perspectives; 3. the identification and rationale for ONE key point that you will discuss; 4. a discussion of your key point/questions you would like the tutorial to pursue; 5. a neat conclusion with one clearly articulated key takeaway. N.B. It is up to you whether you wish to use slides or visual aids. Assessment criteria: • Coherence: a clear structure that provides clarity of coverage • Engagement: effective presentation skills, wherein delivery forms a productive connection with the audience • Knowledge: a demonstrable understanding of material that emerges through an ability to convince the audience of authority/argue effectively • Insight: an ability to apply ideas and concepts productively, as well as a capacity to develop a meaningful set of observations or points


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