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Many characters in classic tragedy possess a so-called “tragic flaw,” some trait that befalls them in the end. Does

Troy have such a flaw? If so, what is it and how does it get in his way? (If he does not have a tragic flaw, you

can develop the essay to show why not.)

Essay #3 will be a researched analysis of a theme, character, conflict, or dramatic aspect of Fences by August Wilson. Your essay can be rooted in at least one of the approaches below, or these may spur you to take another approach not listed—that’s fine. And you may be able to combine one or more of these—that’s also fine. no matter what approach you take, I recommend you begin with something small: a scene, dialogue, description, or other short passage that interests or intrigues you. Why are you drawn to it? What’s happening here,beyond plot and story? What significance or weight does it seem to have? See if you can first “freewrite” some ideas and get some rough material down; don’t worry about how it sounds at first. Eventually, of course, your main task is to shape your rough writing and initial ideas into an essay with arecognizable introduction, body, and conclusion, and an overall main point which asserts something which can be developed and backed up with specific evidence.


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