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 1. You will build a model of your research—The research model is a diagrammatic representation of your research. 2. You will identify the independent variables (factors on the left side box) and the dependent variable (factors on the right side box). 3. You will identify a moderating variable if any that may influence the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent variable. 4. You will also identify control variables which are factors other than the independent variables which can influence variability in the dependent variable and have to be controlled for. 5. You will state a specific hypothesis indicating the relationship between the independent and dependent variables and also hypothesis pertaining to the moderating variable if any. 6. You will operationalize the independent, dependent, moderating and control variables. 7. You will specify how you plan to measure these different variables. If this means using existing surveys please include them or if you plan to measure them by creating your own survey please include that. OPTIONAL I


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