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write a 4000-word critical analysis of the variables that contributed to a real-world eyewitness misidentification. the assignment will examine your understanding of system and estimator variables. the link below will explain these variables briefly but more detail will be needed. https://law.jrank.org/pages/1157/Eyewitness-Identification-Psychological-Aspects-distinction-betweenestimator-variables-system-variables.html you should choose a case which has a lot of examples such as from the innocence project https://www.innocenceproject.org/all-cases/#eyewitness-misidentification,exonerated-by-dna please do not pick ronald cotton as his case was used previously. steven avery might be a good choice as there is a lot of resources. however make sure you only speak about the first crime in which he was exonerated. not the current crime. 


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