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Short Fiction Essay Topic Compose a standard MLA style paper analyzing one of the stories from the reading list on 3.1 (blood child by Bulter) Conduct a Full Formalists Analysis of a Story covering each of the following: What is a major theme covered by the story, and what does the story say about that theme? Who is the narrator and what is the narrative POV? Who are the Main Characters and what are their motivations? What are the Plot and the major conflict? What is the Setting and how does it contribute to the story’s theme? Identify the use of Imagery, Symbolism, or any Literary or Fictional Devices and analyze their contribution to the theme. Structure It must include an Introductory Paragraph with a clear thesis. Your thesis will be which theme you chose and what the story says about your theme It must include at least 3 paragraphs of analysis or more Your paragraphs must include quoted material from the story. Each paragraph should be focused on at least one element of form analysis; you may include more than one in a paragraph It must have a concluding paragraph reinforcing your evidence and thematic conclusion. Your essay should have 2.0 spacing It must be typed It must be in 12 point Times New Roman font It must be in proper MLA form Length You will need a minimum of 5 Full Paragraphs: an Intro, 3 Body Paragraphs, and a Conclusion. Your essay should be about 4-6 pages Submission The essay should be submitted here as a .docx or .pdf only The essay will be turned it on turneditin.com. Plagiarism will lead to expulsion. The essay is due Sunday, Aug. 4th by 11:50pm Here is the link to the essay. http://boblyman.net/englt392/texts/bloodchild.pdf


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