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Analysis of Clinical Legal/Ethical Nursing Issue Paper

1. Choose either an ethical dilemma or a legal nursing situation that you think is a significant issue in nursing practice. 2. Analyze your chosen ethical dilemma or a legal nursing situation utilizing the two ethical theories or principles you chose. Use the Seven-Step Decision Making Model. a) Determine and describe all the facts of the situation – what, when, where, who, and why? b) Determine and describe the exact ethical issue involved. c) Determine and describe the rules, laws, principles, or values that are involved. d) List all possible options or courses of actions. e) Determine all the advantages and disadvantages of each options. f) Determine all the possible consequences and who would be affected by the options. g) Determine which decision is best for that decision. References- Scholarly citations only i.e. text, journals and other scholarly sites; do not use Wikipedia or blog posts. 3. Make a conclusion of which theory or principle you find most agreeable in answering your chosen situation.


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