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In a professional career, one may be called upon to conduct research and deliver findings in professional settings. No matter how extensive the research or accurate the conclusions, a weak presentation can undermine an argument. A presentation is a tool to help make an argument. When creating presentations, students develop skills in researching an issue, synthesizing the information, organizing data logically, and presenting findings in an effective manner. You will prepare a five- to six-slide PowerPoint presentation that describes the progression of your Capsim company during Competitive Rounds 1 through 3. Your audience consists of new topic members for your company’s topic of directors, and the presentation is intended to quickly bring them up to speed. In referring to Foundation FastTrack, describe the progression of your Capsim company during Competitive Rounds 1 through 3 relative to the following: I. Your Product Pay particular attention to the sections on the low-tech segment, high-tech segment, and perceptual map. i. Where is your product positioned? (Low-tech? High-tech?) ii. Does your product fit the consumers’ desires for the product segment? iii. How did the release data of your product impact its performance? II.

Production Analysis Pay particular attention to the sections on R&D, capacity, and funding your plant improvements. i. What is your production schedule? ii. How did capacity for your product(s) change over the years? iii. How did automation change over the years? What impact did it have on your organization? iv. Did you discontinue a product? III. Market Segmentation Pay particular attention to the sections on market segmentation, pricing, the low-tech segment, the high-tech segment, and the contribution margin. i. What is the price of your product? ii. What was your promotional budget? iii. What was your sales budget? iv. What was the sales forecast for each product? v. What were the accounts receivable (A/R) and accounts payable (A/P) implications of the decisions? IV. Financial Performance i. How did you pay for your R&D expenses? ii. How did you pay for marketing expenses? iii. How did you fund your production activities? iv. Did you buy back stock? v. Did you retire bonds? vi. Did you take an emergency loan? vii. Did you pay dividends? viii. What is your cash percentage?  *** Please provide Speaker notes for this presentation ALSO all the rounds are attached, my strategic plan while completing for these round is Cost leader , low cost production company that has highest market share. Use bullet points, graphs, charts, and relevant images in the slides. Further, since you will not actually be giving this presentation in person, use the notes section to write out what you would say if you were. FOr more information you can use the guide. http://ww3.capsim.com//guides/foundation2013/the-guide.html 


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