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Read one of the articles below. Article 1: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/healthcare-internet-things-patric-mutabazi/ Article 2: https://www.nexeonmed.com/press/why-the-internet-of-medical-things-is-the-future-of-healthcare How does this article relate to what you know at work, or have studied in this class or in other healthcare related/nursing courses? Provide details: Of the technologies discussed in the article, which ones do you personally use and how do you use it? Do you use it the same or differently than as discussed in the article? Why or why not? Describe at least three changes to your work or future work that you see coming in terms of technology.

Describe both the changes, the technology that will cause the change, and why the change will happen. Is your experience either as a healthcare professional or a patient the same or different from what is described in the article? If your experience is different, why do you think that is? What appealed to you most while reading this information and why? Remember to thoroughly explain your answers and support them with references from academic sources and/or examples from your job experiences. Form an opinion about issues related to computer technology that might pose philosophical challenges for society in the future. Analyze the effects of digital technologies on society, including the public and private spheres. Examine issues related to data security and the regulation of data and the Internet. Use technology and information resources to research issues in computers and society. Write clearly and concisely about computers and society using proper writing mechanics.


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