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ASSIGNMENT: PERSUASIVE RESEARCH ESSAY Plan, research, and write a Persuasive Research Essay on a topic chosen from a list below. The essay will be seven to ten pages long (absolute maximum 2500 words) and based on Course material. Follow the criteria and guidelines below. You MUST complete the following two steps (specific due dates as posted) as part of this assignment: Obtain instructor’s approval for topic (via Dropbox). Submit the final version of the essay to your Instructor (via Dropbox). Guidelines for Persuasive Research Paper Length: seven to ten pages (double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font). Consider 2000 words as the average length, 2500 words as the absolute maximum. The topic must be one chosen from the following list. [Note that the list of topics is changed for each iteration of the Course.] Virtue Signalling Trans Mountain Pipeline Fake News Thesis that you build from your choice of topic must be related directly to the Canadian context. Essay must demonstrate full understanding that the social or political topic has critical and direct significance for both individual career advancement and the economic well-being of Industry and Business. Thesis must be sufficiently narrowed so you can adequately discuss it in seven to ten pages. Essay must have a persuasive focus (must convince reader to do or believe something). Argument must be arranged with forty percent your own thesis position and sixty percent refutatio. Your refutatio must acknowledge and refute (or concede) three of the most powerful, credible, and relevant arguments against your own thesis.

Each of your three points of refutatio are approximately twenty percent of the content of your argument, creating the total of sixty percent of the essay content for refutatio, Essay must cite at least six credible, authoritative sources within the body of the paper. Wikipedia is the absolute antithesis of a credible and authoritative source. The proportion of the sources cited (and used) in the essay must be one third in positive support of your own thesis and two thirds in support of the contrary position which is the subject of your refutatio. For example, if only the bare minimum of six sources were used, two would be in direct defense of your thesis and four in defense of the opposing position.Assume an audience of your peers and your instructor in this class–that is, write for a general educated audience (define specialized terms). Essay must use a fair, unpolemical tone (must build credibility through an objective tone). Essay must assemble strong, specific, and credible evidence to support your persuasive thesis. Essay must draw on current, authoritative sources. Essays that use evidence ONLY from the media will not be accepted. For example, six newspaper or journal articles from the Vancouver Sun or Province are not acceptable, nor is a combination of three current newspaper articles, two articles from www.cnn.com and one article from www.canada.com) Essay must provide correct & complete bibliographic entries and citations (see notes below on plagiarism). Essay must use a recognised system of citation and formatting (MLA or APA). Be certain to follow proper and full MLA or APA citation for any online sources that you might resort to: merely listing the URL is insufficient. Essay must incorporate all rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, and ethos) proper to the topic and argument. Essay must avoid fallacies (errors in logic and argumentation). Essay must be written mainly in your own words. A rule of thumb is that 60%+ of the paper must be your own words. Use direct quotations richly but judiciously to hold up your argument. Essay must follow the general essay guidelines.


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