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WORDS LIMIT IS 3000 (EXCLUDING ABSTRACT LIMIT OF 250WORDS), PLEASE REDUCE ANY RUN-ONS OR IRRELEVANT SENTENCES The purpose of the term paper is to provide a more detailed and balanced scientific perspective on a topic that is supported by original, empirical research studies. The term paper does not include a conventional thesis statement (such as the one in your thought papers) because your job is not necessarily to take a stance on a particular issue but instead to present a fair, balanced and empirically-supported review of a research area. Normally, the introduction of the paper describes the aim(s) of the review, the theoretical model (if relevant) that guides the review, and a list of the topics and subtopics around which the review will be organized. The main body of the paper presents a logical sequencing of topics and subtopics that logically follow from and address the overall aim(s) of the review. You should use headings and subheadings to organize your writing. A methods section is not required. The conclusion section of the paper synthesizes the results of the literature review, which may provide a new perspective on the topic. The paper should end with a brief description of the major limitations of the review itself (e.g., are there certain topics that fell outside of the scope of the paper that might be informative?) and the individual studies described in the review.

It is also important to discuss potential future avenues of research that would help to address questions that could not be fully answered by the review and the available research on the topic. As stated above, while a minimum of six original, empirical articles must be included in the proposal, the list of references in the term paper need not be identical to the list provided in the proposal, so long as any additional references are relevant to the topic of the paper and are original, empirical studies. Evaluation Criterion Marks Does the title page contain an appropriate title and all other required information as indicated in the APA Publication Manual? 5 Does the Introduction provide a clear and concise description of the aim(s) of the paper and its structure/organization? Do the topics/subtopics logically follow from the stated aim(s) of the review? 10 Does the body contain well-articulated (logical, concise, and clear) summaries of research studies? 15 Does the writing in the body of the paper provide a deep analysis and synthesis of the topics/subtopics and original, empirical studies? That is, does the writing draw logical connections between topics/subtopics and the corresponding studies? Are the studies and their findings described in a manner that attempts to highlight their similarities and differences (e.g., in research design and main findings), rather than simply describing one study separately from another (without substantial attempts to compare or contrast them)? 25 Does the Conclusion provide a complete and concise summary of the main findings of the review paper and ultimately address the aim(s) of the review and the potential implications? 10 Are the limitations of the review paper itself and the individual studies contained in the review acknowledged? 5 Are logical, feasible, and original future research directions articulated? 5 Is the paper fully formatted according to APA style—6th edition? 15 Is the overall writing style clear and concise with appropriate sentence construction, grammar, headings/subheadings, and logical transitions between topics/subtopics? 10 Total 100 8/3/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Wri


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