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 Before beginning this discussion, make sure you have read the Module Notes Presentation (https://sway.office.com/jiJfjH4kb8Vxt2vv?ref=Link), From the Ashes of Sobibor (pp. 93-225), Ian Kershaw’s “German Popular Opinion during the ‘Final Solution (will attach in files section),’” and Rafael Medoff’s “American Responses to the Holocaust (will also upload in files section).” Then, in 300-400 words, consider the following questions as jumping-off points for your post (you do not need to address each one individually). Your post should include specific examples and references from the assigned readings. Consider the following three groups of bystanders and choose one group to focus on in detail in this discussion: Polish civilians (including those in Blatt), “ordinary” Germans, or the American government and people. What motivated the actions of the bystanders you chose? Why did some members of this group intervene to actively oppose the Holocaust or aid Holocaust victims? Why didn’t the vast majority of them do more to intervene? What, if anything, could this group have done? To what extent would this have made a difference in the final outcome?


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