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Assignment Instructions: · Choose a topic of interest for a needed change in practice (e.g., nosocomial infections, hospital readmissions, skin breakdown, falls, patient satisfaction, nurse-to-patient ratios) · Formulate a PICOT questions (Problem-Intervention-Comparison-Outcomes-Time). · Choose five research studies on the topic, which may be quantitative or qualitative or a combination of both. Write a paper 10-15 page paper (excluding cover page and references) in APA format with the four parts, as described below: Introduction · Describe the practice problem that you believe needs to be changed. · Explain your rationale for choosing this problem. · Write a PICOT question on the problem. · Describe the literature search process including: inclusion and exclusion criteria, key words, and databases searched. Body · Write a summary of the literature review in narrative form (five articles chosen) and include the following: o Analyze the credibility of the articles by describing their strengths and limitations. o Summarize the findings by comparing and contrasting the conclusions. o Identify any gaps in the literature taken from these studies indicating the need for further research. Conclusion · Propose a change in practice based on the evidence from the research studies. · Propose an interprofessional team—include nurses and other health care professionals who would be included in planning, implementing, and evaluating the proposed change. · Describe the plan, implementation, and evaluation of the proposed change. · Describe the costs of the planning, implementation, and evaluation. · Describe the cost savings, if appropriate. · Explain any barriers that may prevent the implementation of the recommended changes. · Describe how these barriers can be addressed/overcame. · Explain your suggestions for further research. References · Provide a reference list in APA format including all references cited in the paper.


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