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Concert: Ziggy Marley Live | Rockpalast 2018 ( https://youtu.be/nR_iZ5OgUSM) an online concert and the link is listed above. Below is the instructions for the concert report. Important Reminder: The Concert Report must cover a concert attended/viewed during the second half of the course, specifically from July 21st onward and offer a contrasting musical style/genre/performance between each piece covered in the analysis section. In paragraph form, answer all points below. You may separate your paper into sections. CONCERT REPORT 1. Brief Introduction: o Concert details (i.e. location, date/time, performers, pieces performed) o Relevant background information about the concert/artists (you are expected to do some research and include in-text citations wherever appropriate) o Why did you choose this concert to do this report? (I CHOOSE THIS BECAUSE OF THE MESSAGE OF UNITY AND LOVE THAT IS SEEN IN ZIGGY MARLEY’S MUSIC) • LIST OF ALL PIECES PERFORMED o Insert a table with the following categories: composition title, date composed, composer/artist, performer(s), genre/period, and sources. You may include this table in the appendix if you prefer. o To complete the list, refer to the program notes available at the concert and include any information you may find based on separate research as well. You are expected to include and verify any sources of information used to support your list (include it under the “source” column for each title). COMPOSITION TITLE DATE COMPOSED COMPOSER/ARTIST PERFORMER(S) GENRE/PERIOD SOURCE(S) 1. 2. 3.


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