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Need to complete the following outline with a one sentence response for my part section E. On the bottom I have copied the entire template so you can see more background info. But this doesnt need to be complete, just the section below on my topic E. Section: Topic and Description–Environmental Impact of development of GMO’s 1. Main ideas: What is the main idea of your subsection? What areas of analysis will you engage with? a. Technology: What technologies need to be described? b. Ethics: How does the team’s ethical angle relate to your subtopic? c. Which areas of analysis will you engage with: social, cultural, economic, or political? 2. Evidence: a. What evidence have you gathered that supports your section and the Team Thesis? b. What evidence still needs to be gathered? What are the next steps of your research process? 3. Connection to Thesis: How will your section support the Team Thesis? 4. Relation to other subsections: What other sections does your section have a strong relationship to? How might this help you develop order and transition areas of your team course project? This is the complete template with thesis statement and other information. Thesis: The products produced by genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be required to have full-disclosure labeling of ingredients to consumers and farmers/ranchers, because the general public have a right to know that genetically modified organisms could pose long-term harmful effects. Style and Form: The style will be expository. Our group will be concerned with the terminology and definitions may be needed within our paper. As a group we will need to coordinate our sections to support our expository style that builds on our argument. Order: History > Economic Impact > Cultural Impact > Environmental Impact > Political Impact > Ethical Concerns Sample Template I. Introduction A. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) consumer food labeling concerns 1. Hook: Attention Grabber When eating do we truly know what we are eating and where it comes from and how it affects your body?


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