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 Read “Learning to be Gendered” beginning on p.15(link below) https://www.ffri.hr/~ibrdar/komunikacija/seminari/Eckert,%202002%20-%20Language%20and%20gender%20(chepter)%20-%20sanmo%20uvod.pdf Begin the final essay by developing an argument in response to Eckert and Ginet’s assertion that “Being a girl or being a boy is not a stable state but an ongoing accomplishment, something that is actively done both by the individual…and by those…in the various communities to which it belongs.” In addition to “Learning to Be Gendered,” you must use a minimum of TWO other essays from the section “What’s Gender Got to do With It?” support your thesis. One of these must be “From He to She in First Grade” p. 583.


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