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Make a decision which review you want to write about. There are a couple of ways to make this decision; some of them are: Read the three summaries available and get a sense which topic you like the best or which review you think it is easier for you. Create a draft document, e.g. a word document titled: Assessment1 Draft 3-Make sure you have the marking algorithm in front of you and create headings in your draft document. 4- To help with the flow of the document, I would recommend you use the same headings as the marking algorithm. For example: NMB RN Standards for Practice Background Objectives, etc…. 5- Now, read the description and questions in the Marking algorithm, and based on them write notes/key points you need to address (can be bullet point notes for yourself) under each heading. 6- You must answer ALL the questions in the Marking algorithm. As any other algorithm, you MUST start answering the questions from the top! 


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