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Write a 4-8 page paper (double-spaced; 12-point Arial or Times-New Roman), in APA format. Answer each of the following questions in a detailed narrative using information from the text and incorporating practical “real world” examples. Discuss the one or two things that surprised you the most about Crisis Intervention. Discuss five things that personally impacted you the most from what you learned in this course. Compare and contrast them to what you have learned from personal experience. Discuss three Scriptures which helped you deal with or which could help you deal with your next crisis. Discuss three specific things you need to do within the next month in order to help yourself deal with grief or help someone you know. Be specific and tell how and when you will do them and who else will be involved. These could be any of the following but not limited to: Ask someone to forgive you. Tell someone you forgive them. Talk one-on-one to someone about your grief. Share with someone what you learned about crisis and grief. Share a copy of The Encourager or Deeper Still booklet. Write a letter to someone. Send a note of encouragement. Read a specific book. Attend church or a support group. Start a support group. Get involved in an organization helping others. Go visit someone who is sick or grieving. Learn more about an illness or crisis in order to help yourself or others. Accept Christ as your personal Savior and as Lord of your life. Memorize a specific Scripture(s). Become a volunteer chaplain or crisis counselor. Finally, present one or two final concepts or principles that we should all remember.


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