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Description Answer the questions included in this scenario: This week you will use the nonprofit that you created for DB 8.1 to further evaluate if the organization is ready to Incorporate and become a tax exempt agency. Using APA format including an abstract, introduction, research, and conclusion submit the analysis of your readiness to incorporate and apply for tax exemption. You will need to follow the categories and subcategories in Part I of the PDF provided to complete this assignment: (Grantspace, 2008). (MHS General Assignment Rubric) I. Is your organization ready to incorporate and become tax exempt? a. What type of nonprofit is your agency? i. Religious ii. Charitable iii. Scientific iv. Literary v. Educational vi. Prevention of cruelty to children or animals vii. Testing for public safety viii. Fostering national or international sports competition b. Well-designed mission that qualifies as “charitable” under Section 501(c)(3) c. Detailed description of agency activities that carry out the mission d. Staff and Board of Directors e. Budget f. Fundraising plan g. Legal Counsel h. Bookkeeper or accountant Provide detailed information about each category and justify through research how you meet the requirements for tax exempt status.


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